Volunteers Welcome

Our horse ranch requires hard work and long hours. Much of our time is spent caring for our horses. They must come first in order for us to help others.

  • Our mission is to create miracles! Do you want to participate?

  • Horse People: If you are a ‘horse person’ who is familiar with horses, please give us some of your experience and time. We need people who know horses.
  • Handyman: Are you a “Jack of All Trades” who can almost fix anything? We need your help with maintenance of the horse ranch. You will be greatly valued.
  • Fire Safety: Being in a Nature Reserve, our horse ranch and the surrounding area must be fire proofed. This is also hard work, but absolutely necessary. If you are a strong and healthy, we need your muscled backs!
  • Community Advocate: Do you know how to reach out to others? Has God blessed you with the talent to bring people together and unite them in accomplishing good for other?
  • Veteran Advocate: Serving those who serve our nation in warfare is our mission. Are you a US veteran or military spouse? Are you familiar with the bases in the San Diego and Riverside area? We need your help in getting the word out about this helpful program, and several others.
  • General Ranch Hand: We need volunteers who will commit to being on the ranch for some period of time each day, week, or month. Ideally, these people should be familiar with horses, their needs, and behaviors. But that is not required. Primarily, this is for safety purposes.
  • Social Networkers: We need people who know how to get the word out about our program on the social networks. Are you good at posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other locations? Can you help us?
  • Photographer: Would you enjoy taking pictures of horses, and our beautiful surroundings? Are you good at working with people and making them feel comfortable having their picture taken too? Wow! We can definitely use your talents.
  • Fundraising: The backbone of all charitable endeavors are the people who financially support it. Are you experienced in the strategies necessary in raising funds? Is God tugging at your heart to help us? You will be an answer to many, many prayers!