Our Calling & Costs

First, we rescue horses. For a variety of reasons, some people can no longer properly care for their horses. Or too often when a horse becomes old, lame, and non-productive they are unwanted. This results in poor feeding and care. And if the horse has illness or injury, the owners may not want to expend that money. or as in California, summer wildfires destroy homes and ranches. Those horses need new homes. – That is our first Duty.

The total care and feeding of a horse is approximately the same as the yearly expense for purchasing and maintaining a new car, $6000. This includes supplements and veterinary costs. We have 18 rescue horses! We must raise a minimum of $100K a year to properly care for our horses.

You can sponsor a horse of your choice at our ranch for $10 a month. If you can find a few friends to join you, the horse can be a gift from you and your friends to those that horse helps. Your names will be engraved and burned into the stall of your horse.