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An Extraordinary Doctor 4 People & Animals

San Diego has an extraordinary doctor. He works at Tri-City Hospitals Intensive Care facility day and night, saving peoples’ lives, especially during this Covid crisis. And when he is not there, he rescues dogs and horses! He cares for them on his ranch in Murrietta’s Tejana Ecological Reserve.

As if that were not enough, now he is working with a US veteran charity, Patriotic Hearts, to turn his horse ranch into a healing center. He especially wants it to serve US veterans, first reponders, police, and his fellow doctors and nurses, including their families.


Vision & Goal

The purpose of Horses for Healing Heroes is to provide a place for Recovery and Recuperation and Renewal...

Our Calling & Costs

First, we rescue horses. For a variety of reasons, some people can no longer properly care for their horses...

Help for Heroes

Horses 4 Healing Heroes serves individuals who desire to work through issues related to PTSD, panic attacks...

Volunteers Welcome

Our horse ranch requires hard work and long hours. Much of our time is spent caring for our horses. They must come first in order for us to help others.

Our mission is to create miracles! Do you want to participate?

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